This is an online journal about the spiritual power of the arts, sponsored by Life Force Arts Foundation (LFA), an arts organization in Chicago in existence since 1988. We operate Life Force Arts Center (LFAC), 1609 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL, 60657, 773-327-7224 LifeForceArts.org where we present many events, including art exhibits, concerts, and workshops.

The mission of Life Force Arts Foundation (LFA) is to advance the field of spiritual art through artistically excellent exhibits, events and publications that explore the art-spirituality connection. We define spiritual art as visual, literary or performing art that flows from spiritual practice, strives to connect the audience with Spirit, and creates spiritual awakening, healing, or evolution.

This journal not only focuses on the spiritual artists we know and the events at LFAC, but the larger world of spiritual art and practice, and developing the spiritual artist in everyone. We believe the best way to do this is through listening to and learning from the artists themselves, and exploring the nature of spiritual art with questions that arise through its creation. Many of the articles appearing in this journal were first published in LFA’s ezine, Transcendent Journeys, operating from 2009-2012. We decided this online journal, Pantheon, would be a better way to share them with the world. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun writing and reading the pieces, and we hope you feel the same.

LFA is the creation of Joan Forest Mage, dancer, singer, shaman, educator, and Executive Director of the Foundation. This journal is edited by Joan Forest Mage. Come visit us at LFAC, check out the Life Force Arts website, or email us at editor@lifeforcearts.org with questions, comments or suggestions.

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